Kinder Garden Montessori School is staffed by a fully qualified Montessori Directress and a trained Montessori assistant. Staff members continue their training by attending workshops, conferences and/or college level courses at area universities. Kinder Garden Montessori School is licensed by the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services and is a state certified kindergarten.

The purpose of the Montessori approach and the aim of Kinder Garden Montessori School is to help the child develop their potential in every area and nourish the natural joy of learning. We believe in a small teacher-student ratio because Kinder Garden Montessori School prides itself on the individualized attention to your child and getting to know your family.

As a Montessori educator, we at Kinder Garden Montessori School equate success to helping a child become a self-confident, emotionally secure, global citizen who can compentently and confidently address social or economic issues while achieving their life goals. As a result of the Montessori approach to education, Montessori students are prepared for life unlike traditional classrooms where all students face a blackboard and information is delivered to them as if they were empty vessels expected to be filled with the same information at the same time. The important result of Montessori education is our students are prepared for life, not just the test.

Scientific research proves that early childhood education your child receives will have a lifetime impact. The decision you make at this preschhol age will affect his or her emptional development, academic, and social progress through adolescence to adulthood.

To help you make a descision about our school, speak frankly with our Montessori staff about your child’s needs and your expectations. Our goal at Kinder Garden Montessori School is to help ensure that your child is in a “perfect fit,” creating an opportunity for your child’s natural love of learning to blossom in our garden of learning. Research has demonstrated the significant edge a proper Montessori education that we are Kinder Garden Montessori School strive to provide our families.

If you are interested in the Montessori experience for your child call for an appointment. Come in and explore our Montessori environment with your child. It is important to see in person the environment in which your child will flourish. You will be given a tour of our Montessori classroom with a teacher who will answer all your questions. See how our trained staff works with the world renowned Montessori materials and how we can help your child develop his or her full potential.

Please make an appointment for a tour of our beautiful facility or just stop by for information. We will be happy to see you!